Judging Process


The jury will evaluate three projects (which must be for separate brands) from each agency on the basis of design impact, creativity, craft, technical prowess and innovation.

The judging panel will consist of professionals from design agencies and from design-centric clients.

The judges will provide three scores for each case: one based on the craft, innovation and technical challenge; one for design creativity; and one for the project’s impact. The three scores will be combined for each case to produce an average score; the winner will have the highest total score across the three cases.

The judges will be looking for versatility in the entries. Submissions should demonstrate as wide a range as possible in terms of the type of work and the design project’s scope.

Judges will reward work that is visually compelling, unique and user friendly, and which elegantly solves the brand’s challenge. In each case, the design’s purpose should be clear, as well as how the design work helped the brand stand out.

The panel will not meet as a group. The submissions will be delivered to them individually and they will review the work on their own, filling out an online score sheet supplied by strategy. Their responses will be confidential.