2017 Winners

Crash Coasters

Arrive Alive Drive Sober

Silver Design Agency of the Year: Rethink

The Purpose

Drunk driving is still a major issue in Canada. In 2017, Arrive Alive, a leading Canadian anti-impaired driving organization, wanted to wake people up to these life-ending consequences. The goal was to spread awareness of this issue in order to prevent people from getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

The Challenge

The challenge was to turn a boring coaster into an attention-grabbing piece that would get partiers to alter their transportation-behaviour.

The Insight

The “Crash Coasters” were designed to deliver a powerful message directly into the hands of partiers the moment they ordered their first drink.

The Execution

Using wreckage from motor vehicle accidents, agency Rethink cut and pressed pieces of former cars into coasters. On each one, the team placed a powerful message: “This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home.”

The Impact

Shortly after launch, “Crash Coasters” dominated the local, mainstream news cycle. From there, the story spread online to major media outlets such as Vice, Fox News, Yahoo!, Global, CTV, and Uproxx, to name a few. To date, additional coasters have been requested from organizations in more than 40 cities worldwide.